"If you could change the life of one person or one family, and put them on the road to success, you have done your duty. Start doing it today. "Help everyone no matter what race, gender, age group, or religion they belong to since we all belong to a Creator."  Amir Ali

Hi, My name is Amir Ali and I am putting my name with a commitment that I will serve you better with full honesty.


I lost the elections but my determination did not end, I will get you the pedestrian bridge over 403.



This is Pickering bridge, why Mississauga can't have it?

Memberships Held

  • Member Red Cross (first aid service) at the age of 13, 1966-67.
  • Member of Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP) at International Instt. of Marketing Professionals (IIMP).
  • Member of Advisory Council for the Business Strategy Profession (ACBSP) at Canadian Business Strategy Association.
  • Past Member of Americcan Society of Mechanical Engineers (USA).
  • Past Member American Society of Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers (USA)

Present Engagements:

  • National Director,                              Midland Publishers Inc.
  • Director Overseas Operations,              Royal Capital Inc.
  • Broker of Record,                                  Mizone Realty Inc. Brokerage
  • President,                                             Friends of Environment Association. 
Positions Held:
  • Worked in United Technologies Corp. (UTC) #48 on 'Fortune 500 companies' list.
  • Head of Lennox, Jeddah.
  • President, Overseas Professionals Association, Jeddah.
  • Director Overseas Operations,                                  A. K. International, London, UK


MBA, International Business 
University of Liverpool, U.K. 

Become a volunteer today and solve the issues together

AFTER GETTING YOU THE BRIDGE, My other Top five priorities are:

1-Jobs First.

Bringing Jobs would be my priority #1. Citizens will benefit by electing me since I have global experience that will help me as I am running 4 businesses (two profit and 2 not-for-profit). If I can do that I can run a public office most economically. To start with, I contribute, a donation of 25% of my salary to support single parents and students in debt and I will not take any bonuses, extra time or conference attending fees (sometimes $ 20,000/year). 

The City of Mississauga still sends hundreds of talents out of the city to work though we are bringing more businesses here than in past, we can still do much better. Therefore, I will only allow high rise office buildings on Dundas St. and Hurontario. I will convert Mississauga to Manhattan of New York. 

2- Taxes

Mississauga is Debt Free our developers were paying for developing infrastructure but now we have to take care of what has been built. It needs repair and maintenance periodically. Our taxes may not be enough to handle that and we may have to look or invent other sources of revenue instead of burdening out own people. Keeping low taxes would be my priority #2.

2.1 Condo fees dilemma 

Condo fees is not a municipal, a provincial or a federal matter, it is up to the condo directors to make their decisions as to how they run their condos. However, I will help educate condo owners/directors on how to lower rising condo fees. In fact management companies are too smart and condo directors need a professional course to handle them, I will arrange that for free. 

3- Car Insurance.

Car Insurance is higher for citizens of Mississauga. Has the provincial/local government done anything? No. I am more than sure that with my involvement and showing reality to insurance companies that we are safe drivers as in other cities such as Milton. This will result significant decrease on our car insurance bills.

4- LRT.

I wish the Subway was extended to Mississauga. This may not had been necessary before, but with the continuous increase of population in the city, this has become a matter of importance. I am for LRT. The reason is that if we don't do it now it may be 200 times more expensive after 25 years. The LRT will definitely bring business, provide more economical and rapid way to commute, and it is good for the environment. 

5- Affordable Housing

I want every homeless on the job. They should have a home. they should not line-up at the food bank. We have to fix it in a natural way. Families to help families with minimum governmental assistance.